LIfe is Good!

Hi everyone!!! I am sorry that I havent written in here for so long, I have been very busy taking care of Dan and trying to get school stuff done, working and applying for teaching jobs, wow! Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know that Dan and Kaelea are both doing so good. All of Dan's post transplant blood tests have been great, he has been feeling so good and eating a TON (I think that it is the steriods)! Kaelea is also doing good, she is starting to get some energy and appetite back! Funny thing, Kaelea has lost ten pounds since the transplant and Dan has gained ten pounds since the transplant! So, after all that good stuff happening, there is even more good news.... first I turned in my last ever college paper, what a huge relief, I felt so good after I turned it in, like a huge weight had beeen liftetd off my shoulders. Next good news is that I got a job at an elementary school!!!!! But, guess what? That is not all the good news, Kaelea got offered a job at the same school and in the same grade as me!!! I am so excited to teach first graders with Kaelea, it will be such a good experience! I know that Heavenly Father knows are needs, He loves us and wants us to be happy! I am so thankful for all that he has blessed me with: A wonderful husband who is healthy and happy and who brings so much joy in my life, all of my friends, especially, a wonderful best friend who gave her kidney to my husband, my parents and family, all of the wonderful people who have been praying for us, making us meals, and for all the phone calls from people to make sure we are doing ok. I know that the church is true and it brings so much joy and truth into my life! I am so thankful for this beautiful spring weather which seems to be matching my happy mood! Wow,I am a really blessed person! Thank you for everything you have done to help us!


  1. Oh my heck! That's so awesome! I can't believe you and Kaelea are in the same grade and everything! How fun! So are you guys both moving soon?

  2. It's good to hear that things are going so well for you! Congrats on the new job, that sounds way fun.

  3. Your plate is FULL! At least you can take some time and relax and enjoy summer soon?!
    You are blessed and you bless everyone else's lifes.

  4. Congratulations on finishing college! AND on getting the job you wanted! You are right -- what a blessing.

    I'm glad to hear that Dan and Kaelea are recovered. Good thing you are such a great cook so you can prepare all the food that Dan is craving.

    Love you guys!


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