Making A Move

Dear family and friends who read this blog, we have exciting news!!! Drum roll please, dadadada.... We bought a home!!! In Willard, Utah! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! We are super excited about it!!! The house is a block down the street from my parents!!! It is a very old home, built in the late 1800's. Cody, the person who we are buying the house from, is remodeling and updating it for us from the inside out. He is a very talented historical home saver and we know that he will do a terrific job! He actually has a website of a home that he recently restored. If you would like to see his work the website is We are excited to move closer to work, my family and Dan's dad's side of the family, but we will greatly miss Coalville and all our family and friends who live here. We will definitely be visiting Coalville often.
Also, Dan has been blessed to find work!!! He is currently working at two jobs. One of his jobs is Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. He visits three senior centers in Salt Lake Coounty and teaches educational classes and provides individual counseling to the elderly, which he enjoys. His other job is working as a CNA at a Transitional Rehab facility for patients who have had hip, knee, or back surgery, which is in Ogden.
I am really enjoying teaching!!! It gets pretty busy and stressful at times, but I LOVE it!!! The kids are so funny and make me laugh everyday.
I hope that everyone had a great Christmas!!! I did! I got to talk to both of my brother who are on missions, boy is it fun to talk to them! Dan and I got to spend time with all of our family members, which is so special.
Dan's health is still great! He has been enjoying eating whatever he wants this Holiday Season:) What a blessing it is to be healthy, happy, busy and surrounded by wonderful family members! We love you all and hope you have a great Christmas season and Happy New Year!


  1. GREAT NEWS! I am so excited for you! Awesome house!

  2. Wow, seems like we're all growing up. I'm glad you guys have so much good news right now. :)

  3. Sometimes we take for granted the little blessings we our health. I am SO glad that Dan is still doing well.

    And CONGRATULATIONS on the house! That is so exciting to have a place of your own and it's such a beautiful old home too. We definitely have to spend more time together now that you live closer

    You look great Emily! Happy New Year!

  4. Wow, Em, that's all great news--family time, good health, a HOUSE! ...someday...*dreamy eyes* ;)

  5. You didn't tell me Dan has some awesome jobs! Good for you guys! I love your house too by the way! Its beautiful and HUGE!!! You guys better have a big family to fill it up :)


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