One Year!!!

Dear friends and family,
We are doing very well! Dan had his YEAR appointment for his kidney today! Can you believe that? It will be the one year of the transplant this Saturday..WOW! All of his levels are healthy and Kae's kidney is doing excellent. Words cannot express the gratitude that we have for her and her sacrifice.
We are getting so excited about our new house! Things are really progressing with it and I just love it! I thought that I would post some pictures of how it aware, it may be scary! I just hope that you can see the same potential that we can:)
Well, I hope that you are all happy, healthy, and enjoying life!

Emily and Daniel
P.S We will eventually get windows in our house:) They have been ordered and we are anxiously awaiting there arrival! Also those beautiful flowers just popped up out of nowhere in the middle of our yard, they are so cute and happy!


  1. How fun would that be to have a house! So, are you actually living in it while he is doing all of this work? I can't wait to see the "after" pictures. That's great to hear that Dan is still doing well.

  2. I can't wait to see it finished I walked past it the other day and seen that it was getting started on. It does have a lot of potential and it will be awesome. Also wow I can't believe it has already been one years since his transplant that went by super fast. Glad to hear everything is going good.

  3. Has it honestly been a year already!? Wow, time just flies doesn't it? I'm really happy that Dan is feeling so well and so excited for your house too!

    Yes, with it gutted like that it does take some imagination to see what it could be. But I bet it will be a gorgeous house once it's finished; old homes always have such character.


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