Dear family and friends who read our blog,
We would first like to say that we are officially in our house! We have running water and electricity and central air! We are just so happy in our beautiful home! I promise I will post pictures very soon!
Most of you know this already, but to those of you who don't....we have to decided to adopt a baby! After many months of trying to get pregnant, we have decided that adoption is what we are supposed to do. I have tender feelings about this, on one hand I feel so happy about getting a baby, and on the other hand I am feeling a little impatient (as usual). We started this process in March. We filled out a TON of paper work, took classes, filled out more paper work, had a home visit where they came and inspected our home, and now we have to wait another month for them to get all their paper work complete! We are going through LDS Family Services and they have been so helpful and kind to us! I truly love the path Dan and I are on.
This summer we have been working so hard at getting our house ready so we very spontaneously decided to go on a vacation which was so so so wonderful!
We booked our trip online on Wednesday and left on Saturday, we just had to get our of my parents house for a little while:)
We flew to Florida and had an absolute blast! We went to the ocean, Ripley's believe it or not, Disney's Magical Kingdom(love that place), Disney's MGM, and the last day we went to Universal Studios to Harry Potter World!!!!! Harry Potter world was AMAZING! I really felt like I was Hermione in a Harry Potter Book! We ate at the Three Broomsticks, shopped at Honeydukes candy shop and drank butter beer to our hearts content. The best thing about all of this: Dan's prosthetic leg got us to the front of the line on every ride! The worst part of all of this: I am still tired from all the excitement and walking!
What else have we been up to this summer? Eating food out of the garden, strawberry shakes, fireworks, lazy naps in the evening, enjoying time with family, and lots of homemade blueberry pie (our favorite right now)!
What have you been up to this summer?


  1. Love this post! You should put pictures of your trip up I want to see! :)

  2. Emily, you are so sweet! I'm so glad that you have had so much fun this summer and that you're in your house! How awesome! But most of all I'm excited for you to get a baby. We have many dear friends of ours who have adopted and they are so happy! I know you will have your turn too! Good luck you two!

  3. Ohh I'm so glad that you are finally in. Can't wait to see those incredible countertops;) P.S. hope you don't mind that I found your blog through others and now am going to follow:)

  4. I'm glad your summer is going well and that you're in your house and out of your parents'. I'll probably see you sometime this upcoming week!

  5. Wahoo! Lots of fun news from you. Vacation sounds wonderful, how great to finally be in your house, and adoption! Wow. I know that can't be a rough process sometimes, with all of the waiting. Good luck!!!

  6. Harry Potter world has officially made it to my bucket list!! I am dying to see pictures! Sure do love you girly!


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