Family Reunion

This weekend my side of the family had a fun-filled family reunion. We were all so busy this summer that we promised my mom that we would all spend Fall break together. Becuase we could not decide upon a place that we all wanted to go, the solution was that each of us got to choose what we wanted to do for a 3 hour block of time. Some people did not get to do their time due to the fact of lack of planning and underestimating how long things would take. We all had a great time! Here are some pictures.

We started Friday off with Dan's pick of going to Toads Family Fun Center for three hours of laser tag, go carts and mini golf.

After going to Toads, everyone was starving so we ate at FireHouse Pizza in Logan (my mom got to choose)

After eating it was Katies choice and she chose to go bowling!

Saturday morning was my Dad's turn to choose and at first we were going to spend the morning in his garden but then we got word that Bishop Wade was laying sod so we all went to help him. He had some sod left over so we used it! We now have a very beautiful yard! Actually only a third is actually lawn, but hey we think it is pretty SWEET! Thank you, dad for letting us use your time to work in the yard!

Finally, it was my turn! I chose to go to the American Heritage Center in Logan. It was so so so awesome! We got to see a bunch of old tractors, barns, an old farm house and tons of chickens! We also got to eat dutch oven sausage, beef and potatoes and fresh homemade corn bread with pumpkin butter which I am going to make becuase it was so yummy! We also got to watch how to thresh wheat and how to make apple cider. My favorite part was making a scarecrow who we named Fred. And last but not least we even got ot go through a corn maze!

After the American Heritage Center, Paul chose to go to Crystal Hot Springs. Pictures not posted due to the fact that I "forgot" to take pictures (no one really looks good in a swimming suit:) The only people who didnt get to choose are Tim...he actually chose to stay on his mission in Seattle. My mom...she wanted to go see a movie but we were just too busy and couldnt squeeze one in). Jeff...he wanted to go up to Mantua and just hang out...he gets to choose very first next time we have a Weigle Family Reunion!
Tune in next time for Emily's projects, Dan's Birthday and much much more!


  1. Yay for grass!!! We are coming out to W-town tonight so we will make sure to take a good look!

  2. That makes for a fun and interesting weekend. Great idea!

  3. LOL, that sounds like so much fun! You guys were definitely busy that weekend...the lawn looks great by the way!


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