Oh, December....where did you come from? Does anyone else feel like December just crept up in full swing? Man....Christmas is so close!
Can I just say that those 25 first graders that I teach everyday are crazy and full of excitement for Christmas and the break that comes with it! We are all so ready for the break...only 5 more lovely days and then our break will be here....I can do this..right?
So, last Saturday, Dan and I decided to go to the Festival of Trees. Man, that is an amazing place! If you have not been you should for sure go next year! Anyway, we spent like 3 hours there and took about 50 pictures of trees and quilts but not one of the two of us:) Next, we went to Temple Square. We drove around trying to find a place for like 30 was crazy I know....I just really wanted a cute picture of us for our adoption profile:) Anyway, we refused to park in a lot where you pay, so we just drove around like crazy people. Finally Dan says, " we are going around one more time, if we don't find a spot we are going home." I said a prayer in my begging Heavenly Father for spot to open up, and guess what? A spot opened up and we got to park! Yay! I was so happy! So now you will get to enjoy some of the pictures from that beautiful place. (do you like Dan's pose in this picture? He was so proud of it:) Oh, how I love the Christmas lights at Temple Square. They just fill my heart with pure joy!

Speaking of pure joy, tonight we joined my parents for a double date and went to the Handel's Messiah sing along at our Tabernacle in Brigham City. It was AMAZING! Seriously, people are so talented! One of the best parts is that everyone was singing so loudly and prettily that I could belt it out and I am pretty sure no one even noticed the crazy girl singing off key! I am already looking forward to next year! I just love music and the power it has to bring words to life!
So, I have this new obsession with Shutterfly. For those of you who do not know what Shutterfly is, it is an online website who kindly completes all you scrap booking for you! As a person who is not talented in the art of scrap booking...I love it!!! I actually enjoy scrap booking now. All I do is drag my pictures into the spot I want and type my desired words and voila! I have created a beautiful book! Plus, they send it to you in like less than a week! This is the festive Christmas card that I designed on their website. I hope that you like it:)
For your enjoyment I have also included a lovely picture of our trimmed Christmas tree (the one that we chopped down and carried down the mountain all by ourselves:)


  1. That's awesome that your prayer for a spot worked:) I'm glad you have some good pics, and I am very impressed with Dan's pose. Love the Christmas tree, as well as the Christmas card:) We need to do something asap before we go :(.

  2. Yay for finding a parking space! Picture turned out cute too. ;)

    We went to the Festival of Trees last year; I agree, super cool!

    Merry Christmas...have a good one! (and a break from school)


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