Dear Friends, I am thankful for Sunday's! They are my very favorite day of the week. After 6 days of working, and the hustle and bustle of everyday life, I love to just spend time with family and relax on Sunday's!
I am so very grateful that our friend's Cami and Zane who visited from New Mexico took time out of their trip to visit us for the evening! We had so much fun! We loved catching up with you guys! Thanks!
I am also thankful for the little bit of sunshine that we had this week! It really does a lot to boost my mood.
I thought it would be fun to share an embarrassing story that happened to me this week.
Wednesday I spent about an hour hemming this dress that I bought which was on sale as well as way too long. I had worn this dress a few times before hemming it and I just wore heels with it and make things work. Anyway, Thursday I was at school, making the usual rounds around the classroom making sure no one is holding hands (which has been happening lately), making paper airplanes, or hurting their neighbor. I saw something on the ground which I bent down to pick up and I immediately heard a rip noise. Yes, Folks it was my dress...a good 10 inch rip along my bottom. Usually, I wear a jacket or something that I could have covered it up with, no luck today! The only luck I had was that I was wearing a slip! Thank heavens I was wearing that! I spent most of the day trying to cover it up so no one would notice, at the very end of the day one of my girls raises her had and says, "Mrs. Furse you have a big whole in your back!" None of my student's noticed until she announced it...hahaha!
Other than that, it was really a boring week...How was your week?


  1. haha, little kids will definitely point out those minor details, won't they? It makes for a great story though!

  2. That's impressive that you were able to hide the rip for that long! What fun!

  3. haha oh no! I cant say it hasn't happened to me! But I was on a date- horseback riding. My date and I were sharing a horse, but right when I swung my leg over the side of teh horse I got a huge hold right in the crotch of my jeans!! Gotta love wradrobe malfunctions. They keep life interesting!


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