Hot Cocoa and Donuts

Today I am thankful for hot cocoa and donuts!!! And time spent with Kae venting...and taking the day off from working out! So I know that on bad days, it is extra important to work out....I just could not do it today!!!! Do you guys feel like your life is a roller coaster ride?? I do!

This is a picture of Dan and I after a very horrible ride in Disney World somewhere:) Even before all this infertility and adoption stuff it was a roller coaster ride...

For us it seems like life will being going smooth, with no ups or downs...
I consider this the uphill part because if nothing is happening then something
is going to be happening and soon...I just wait with anticipation for what is
going to hit next!

It is always a good thing that happens next....we got out paper work complete with the private agency I was telling you about!!!! YAY! We are super pumped about it!
We have been kind of floating for a couple days... Dan says that this is supposed to be the downhill part because it is fun...I hate the downhill part...actually my favorite part of the roller coaster is when I get off (only if I don't have to puke:)
Anyway, we're going down hill and then all of a sudden.....there's a loopty loop Yeah, I pretty much hate those! That's when you find out for the first time that you have to pay taxes! What? who does that? Oh yeah, couples who both work and don't have children...and lots of other people to, says my mom! Crazy huh?
I don't know why this threw me threw such a huge loop, but it did!

Dan and I were really looking forward to our first time home buyers credit of 8,000.00 and they took that from us! Can you believe those people? They took our tax credit and they want more from us!!! I am not liking them right now! Maybe if we ever adopt and we get the adoption credit then I will like them again!

It seems to me that when a loopty loop is sent our way that a ton more follow....
maybe thats' because I am only focusing on the loopty loops, maybe were actually going pretty smooth but I am still dizzy from the down hill and the loopty loop....or from the whole roller coaster actually! I know that we are so blessed! I like life! Without the loopty loops, we wouldn't know the smooth times!

Last night when I was having a major stress attack Dan was cool as a cucumber. Luckily this is how we roll, if he is stressed (which is rare) Then I am cool as a cucumber. If I am stressed (more likely the case) then he is cool as a cucumber.

He reminded me as he always does about how life always works out. It really does! Even if we have to change a plan here or there (sorry Cami and Zane) it will be great!
Heavenly Father loves us! He always wants us to be happy and to learn and grow.
How are you? What turns has your roller coaster took you on lately? I hope that all of you are happy!


  1. you will most DEFINITELY be missed on the trip. But that doesn't mean we won't do another one:) So sorry about the taxes...huge bummer.

  2. Oh, man. I loved that ride (It is Rockin Rollercoaster by the way)!! but if you don't like roller coasters, I can totally understand.
    Thank goodness for husbands!! I love how to men, everything is simple. My loop right now is more like a lump, I'm just bummed I can't afford a Taylor Swift concert ticket. Not a huge deal but money creates so many problems.

  3. Why didn't you get the homebuyer credit? The loop we are on right now is realizing that what is best for your kids (education wise) is not always the easiest, and it takes A LOT of effort to make things the way you want them.
    I am sorry for taxes. Just wait until you adopt and then you will get the child credit and the adoption credit..and like you said, you will start liking them again.

  4. It's hard when you're in the moment and can't see the big picture, but it's does work out. Good luck with this new agency.


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