Inspiration and V-DAY

Blessings have received lately: 1.Ate at my favorite restaurant Denise's Home Plate in Coalville, Ut. 2. Listened to my wonderful husband give a presentation on marriage...he is seriously awesome! I am proud of him! 3. Visited BYU and the Carl Bloch exhibit. If you have not been able to see this, please make time to go! Tickets are free, all you need to do is print them of from the BYU website. 4. Was uplifted by my Sunday School class. Those guys are awesome! They are so smart and so strong! 5. Chillaxed on this beautiful Sunday afternoon. 6. Weather is absolutely perfect! The sun is shinning and the sky is blue, it is light jacket weather outside and I am happy! 7. inside it was a bit chilly, so Dan started a fire and now I am toasty warm! Thanks hubby:)
Here is something I have been pondering lately: Inspiration. One thing that I have really struggled with lately is mixing my wants and desires up with the Lord's timeline and or purposes. it is...I think that everyone who reads this blog knows that I want a seems like a righteous desire...right? Dan and I are online with LDS Apotion Services and anxiously awaiting for someone to pick us. We have talked with another couple who waited for awhile with LDS and then decided to go with another agency. They had a really positive experience with this agency. They got their baby quick. I have been pondering if we should go through this agency. Positives: We get a baby quick and its affordable. Negatives: What if that baby is not meant to be with us? Do I want to sacrifice getting the right baby just to get a baby fast? These are serious questions. We feel good about broadening our horizons with another agency....what if those feelings are just my personal desires? Do you guys ever mix up the two? DO you have a hard time seperating personal desires from the Lords desires? Dan and I have decided to get more information about these agency's and go from there. Basically, we don't know if our baby will come from LDS, another agency, or by some other adventure.....we are still trying to figure that out!
Ok, enough with the serious! Tomorrow is V-DAY! What are your plans? I am going to make Dan a yummy dinner with Martinellis's and chocolate dipped strawberries..mmmmmmm:)
On behalf of V-Day I would just like to list some reason's why I love my hubby:
1. He makes me laugh everyday!
2. He kissed me everyday!
3. He takes care of me!
4. He bought me this beautiful home and is living THREE houses down from my family.
5. He is strong....he has so much faith and is extremely patient!
6. Did I mention he makes me laugh?
7. He holds my hand and tells me he loves me!
8. He is a hardworker.
9. He is kind to everyone, even my family!
10. He is a good teacher.
Enough with the mushy! What are you doing for V-day? I hope you all have a great day!


  1. you wouldn't expect to meet your hubbie only at chuch would you? Why wouldn't you get your child possibly thru another agency? God will get your child to you and you need to keep all your options open to get him/her. That is my opinion....Good lucky :)

  2. Yesterday the lesson in Beehives (I think I learn way more than the girls) was about finding our purpose in life and we talked about how the Lord doesn't give us exact directions on everything. We read a quote about how we can't just sit around and wait for instructions, but we need to move forward. If it's wrong, the Lord will let us know and at that point it's our responsibility to change the course. I think it's good for you guys to explore your options, you'll figure out the right path :) Happy Valentine's!

  3. Maybe it's like marriage, how you don't have just one soul mate... there isn't just one child out there that needs to come to our family, maybe there are many, many souls waiting who would love to have you as their mommy (and me as their aunt!:) As long as you don't have an uneasy feeling, I think it's right to move ahead with your own desires as a guide.

  4. Emily this is Heather Pedersen once Heather Chambers. I just looked at your last blog entry, Wil and I are in the similar situation we have looked into many adoption agencies. We are actually going to do what they call Foster adopt through the foster program and only foster infants. its A LOT cheaper than even LDS services it comes with heartache but we have had lots of heart ache through LDS as well, they basically just sign the rights over to you if the parents is permanently relinquished. I have heard lots and lots of great things about it, that is what wil and i feel like we should do:) I'd be curious though what the agency is that your friend went through??? any who best of luck to ya.

  5. Oh, I love you Emily! Thanks for pointing out the small blessings of life.

    And as far as adoption: I think that as far as the other agency is reputable...go for it! The Lord works in many different ways through all kinds of people.

    Love you, and keep praying for you!


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