March in a nutshell.....

Dear Friends,
How are you? It seriously seems like forever since I last updated the blog! I am sorry! Here is what we have been up to....
In case you are wondering, my birthday was wonderful! Dan took me to pick out baby chicks! We got 5 and they were so cute! They are reaching the teenage stage which is kind of ugly....Here is a picture of my sweet little runt, Sunny.

A couple weekend's ago we attended an adoption conference which was super-de-duper and we loved it! Dan and I we able to talk A LOT about the adoption, about some of our hopes, and dreams and desires. It was great to finally get on the same page!
A few things really stuck out to us.
1. Everything is all in the Lord's time frame. Dan and I talked a lot about this. I took some time to reflect on everything the Lord has given me, and even though things did not happen when I wanted them to, it has ALWAYS been the perfect time.Here are a couple examples. Dan and I first started doing infertility testing just a few months before we found out that Dan needed a kidney transplant. Looking back on the year Dan was on dialysis and in and out of the hospital, I am so grateful we did not have a baby to take care of and I was able to focus all my attention on Dan. This is kind of a silly example, but it is one that always comes to mind and humbles me. When I was a senior in high school, I applied for a bunch of scholarships and did not get any of them. It was kind of depressing to me, and I even kind of stressed out about it! I did not know how I was going to pay for college. The day my parents drove me down to good ole Ephraim, we met with a school counselor who was able to find me a sweet scholarship for people who are first generation college students (like me!) It was awesome because not only did I get a full ride scholarship, I also got free tutoring! Although it was not at the time I wanted it to be, it was the perfect time!
Anyway, back to the adoption conference.....One of the people who was on a birth parent panel was a man who placed his daughter for adoption 18 years ago. It was a very closed adoption and he was told he would never see him daughter. He ended up going on a mission and becoming a seminary teacher. He married and had 6 children. When his daughter contacted him, he went through a lot of soul searching and he did a lot of pondering, and this is what he came up with and it really touched me. The children we get the privilege of raising are not ours; they are Heavenly Father's. We just get this amazing opportunity to help them along the path. He also spoke about how important it is to have a great relationship with your partner because that is who you are going to be spending eternity with.
I am so glad that I married someone who I actually want to spend eternity with and look forward to it!
This weekend Dan and I bought a tandem bike! It is something that we have wanted to purchase ever since we were dating and we love it! I will have to show you a picture another day because I have not taken any yet:(
I know that this post is getting pretty lengthy and probably boring...Sorry! This blog is also for journal purposes:) I also wanted to say YAY! Because today is the two year anniversary of Dan's kidney transplant! Thank you Kae! We hope that you get better! Dan is doing great and is so healthy! I am grateful for modern medical technology!
Thanks for all your friendship! You guys are great!


  1. It looks like you are doing great. Thanks for blogging.

    I can't wait to see pictures of you riding the tandem. I hope you enjoy it. I can't think of anyone that would have more fun on a tandem than Dan and Emily.

  2. You talked about the donation and me being sick very close. It sounded like I was sick from the donation still. Ha ha! (It's just a cold) I'm SO happy Dan is doing well that is the only thing I hoped for!!! You guys are amazing! I know that the baby who gets to join your loving family will be so lucky!!

  3. This post is inspiring. I agree that things happen according to the Lord's timing. You're a blessed girl!
    P.S.I defintitely need to see pictures of the tandem bike!

  4. It's so hard to wait for the Lord's time!! But you are right, he knows best and we have to learn patience.

    Did you see the adoption articles in April's Ensign?


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