Spring Break!

OK Peeps.....here are the pics from our lovely sunny spring break!!!! I hope you enjoy them!

This is just a short drive from Dan's bro Devin's house...it was so pretty!

This is with our favorite nephew, Liam! He is such a cutie!

This is of my dream home called Sleeping Beauty's Castle:)

This is a picture of Dan's instrument:)

This is of our future vehicle!

This is a picture of my buff hubby!!!!

and his special plans for our "anniversary"

and a picture of him planning every single minute of our day at Disneyland...starting at 7:00 AM!

This is a picture of Dan and I at California Adventure

And of us on our favorite ride called Toy Story....

This is a picture of me with my beautifully delicious plate of desserts:)

And Dan with the cutest, smallest glass of cocoa I have ever seen:)


And us enjoying breakfast at Ariel's Grotto...where we were able to meet these beautiful ladies.....

And where we felt like a king and queen....

And boy oh boy was it hard to say good bye! Luckily we were on our way to San Diego!!!! Which is my new favorite place!

And we only took a ferry and walked 2 miles to get to my dream hotel...Hotel Del Coronado.... Someday

and this is the actual view from our hotel room!

And this is us with the awesome Sea Lions at La Jolla cove, so totally awesome!

And this is me with the beautiful, wild flowers in the background:)

Oh, how I miss our vacation!
Hope that you are all having a springtastic spring!



  1. Looks like an awesome Vacay! I love the picture at the end of your feet on the dash- the perfect warm weather picture.

  2. Oh my goodness!! Look how much you were able to do! I'm so happy for you guys. Next time we want to come...Dan plans good vacations!!

  3. Looks like you had a blast!! I love your sun glasses! Way cute! You guys are going to be such AMAZING parents!

  4. We loved having you visit! Next time we'll take our little ones to Disney together, right?!

  5. It looks like it was so much fun. And I am pretty sure that I want those desserts- like now. I really love the toes on the dash picture. It just screams summer to me- and I am totally ready for that!

  6. Isn't it awful having to come home after a vacation like that?? The weather looked gorgeous and I can tell you two definitely had fun in Disneyland.

    I love your pics from San Diego...you look gorgeous! Happy Spring!


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