My first graders year wrote, composed, choreographed and performed an opera titled "Dragon Makes Friends." They seriously did an awesome job. I was so bummed that I could not see the actual performance in person because we were in Kansas getting Sophie...I was there in spirit for sure:)
The plot of the opera was that a very lonely dragon happened to come across some princesses and ninjas who were very afraid of him. In the end they all decide to be friends. The best line in the whole opera is "We are BFF'S Best Friends Forever....Celebration! Celebration!" Sometimes, when I am feeling really happy, I think of this song (sometimes I think of this song when I am feeling sad to cheer myself up:) It really makes me smile:)
So, I have had so many reasons to celebrate! Like the sweet princesses in the opera, I have been afraid of my dragon...quitting teaching (becoming poor ie not being able to buy all the clothes I want, not going on exotic vacations, not being a contributor to the finances, not being able to see my students' bright smiling faces, not being able to feel like I am making a difference in the world and most importantly not being able to see Kae everyday.) Seriously, I fought this every single day this Summer. I really wanted to go back. This conversation occupied our family discussions every waking moment. I really felt like I was supposed to go back. But...this little something has been nagging in my head telling me that it wasn't quite right. Anyway, the other day I kind of had a break down, realized that I would not be able to do both, called Dan crying on the phone and then the next day....QUIT MY JOB!!!! CELEBRATION! CELEBRATION! Guess what? That nagging feeling GONE! YAY! I have decided that to help out with finances I am going to be doing a mixture of substitute school teaching and tutoring neighborhood students. I feel very happy! Guess what else? I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing! I am making the difference where it matters most....in the home! And, Kae and I will still be hanging out at least once a week. We are BFF'S Best Friends Forever, Celebration! Celebration!
If any of you would like the full words to the song, I would be happy to email you a copy.
In other news, we Celebrated the 4th of July by watching the parade and just talking with our beautiful family members who came to visit during our special weekend! Thank you Devin and Megan, we loved having you guys visit!

Sophie and I went on a long,strenuous hike to a beautiful waterfall while Dan stayed home and slept (he had Sophie duty the night before and we left early in the morning.) Thank you Sweetheart!

Sophie had her very first swim and she did awesome! She just soaked up the sun and relaxed in the water.

Today is Sophie's 3 month birthday! Wow! Time goes by so fast when you are having fun and raising a baby:) She is a happy easy going baby. She likes to eat, take naps, snuggling with mama and her blanket, talking, grunting, receiving compliments (especially from the elderly:), getting her toe nails painted, swimming, bathing, smiling, laughing with daddy, going on walks, dancing, listening to music, sitting outside in the shade, and eating her hand. She hates, tummy time, when we take her bottle away, and when daddy kisses her with facial hair. She is discovering her hands, feet, hair, how to squeal, and how to grab things put in front of her. We love her so much and are so blessed she is in our family!


  1. I was just thinking about who I could get to tutor one of my kids the other day. Hello! Brilliant idea Emily! We'll see how things go when school gets started and if I need to I will give you a call. :)

  2. Glad you made the decision. Most working moms I know wish they didn't have to work. Being able to be a stay at home mom really is a blessing.

  3. Oh, gosh, she is growing fast! So fun to hear things about her personality.

    I'm glad you were able to make the decision about work and feel good about it. Just make sure you make time for your BFF and realize that no matter how much money you make or how little...the thing that makes the difference is what you do at home!

    Love you THREE!


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