We went camping....

A couple months ago Dan, Sophie Anne
and I went camping with my fam.
Katie and Paul just sold their lambs... (really they did, see picture below)
And we wanted to have some fun!
We hiked, napped, and soaked up the sun:)
For the first time Sophie saw fire
I am no liar...
Daniel tripped and broke his elbow
It is all healed and now...
that Sophie is fed,
it's time for me to go to bed!
PS: I really dont know what got into me....I just wanted to get a little rhyme out of me:)


  1. Oh my goodness- I loved the picture of Sophie looking at the fire- it is priceless. Looks like you had a great time camping!

  2. I like your rhyming. Sophie is so cute.

    Avalin loves camping too. She was mesmerized by the fire first time she saw it and wanted to touch it.

  3. aww cute pictures! And I love the rhyming haha! Sometimes I do that to, and it just happens sometimes it is just time to rhyme! :) :) hehe

  4. I can't wait to see you guys next month!!! Seriously can't wait to meet little Sophie. And lets for sure start planning our trip to Bear Lake next year! Raspberry Shakes, here we come!

  5. We love camping! So glad you could go! What a fun experience for Sophie!

    And congrats on selling the....lambs?....pigs?

  6. Look at her smile, she is sooooo happy!!!! :)


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