This Christmas.....

We drove up to Coalville for Dan's family Christmas Eve party. It was so fun to watch Sophie interact with her cousins. She even got to eat a Christmas Eve cookie...yummmy!

We also made it to my moms annual Lasagna Christmas Eve dinner. My father proposed to my mom on Christmas Eve 28 years ago and he made her Lasagna (with the help of my aunt Camille, so my mother says.) Anyway, my mom makes her hubby and us kids lasagna every year and it is pretty delish! We also enjoyed game playing and opening gifts!

Christmas morning, we had church at 9:00 am. So, we got the babe all dressed up in the dress daddy got her and went to church. When we got home, we opened presents from Santa. Sophie pretty much didnt know what was going on. It was still fun to watch her kind of play with her new toys.

The day after Christmas, Devin Megan and Liam got here! Meg, Riley, and Owen also joined in on the fun along with Darryl, Dan's father. Lets just say we had a very full house! Full of people we love, luaghter, games, yummy food, and maybe even a nap or two:) Sophie loves to play with her cousins.

Darryl took us all to Lava Hot Springs for a relaxing gettaway. Sophie loves the water! It was so nice to just get in the water and relax!

Sophie's Favorite part of Christmas???? Eating the wrapping paper!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


  1. looks like you guys had a super fun christmas I love Sophie eating the wrapping paper and that little boy touching her hair. So cute!

  2. Oh goodness, I have been missing all these posts!! Your Christmas looked like so much fun. Love it. Love the way you wrapped your presents too....


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