I love the article from this month's Ensign about what happy couples do. I love that it was in the January Ensign, just in time for all the reflecting and goal making that Dan and I try to do in January. I usually consider myself a happy person and I usually consider my marriage happy. I say usually because I am not and my marriage is not happy always. (hope that makes sense) and that is something that I am working on this year.
I really love the section about being sensitive to each other's stress levels. I feel bad because when Dan gets home from a very busy and very stressful day at work, (and a long commute) I barely say Hi to him before I start nagging him with a list of things that I want him to do...take the trash out, set the table, hang the blinds, etc. My goal is to welcome him home each day with a loving kiss and a positive reminder of how much I love and appreciate him for his hard work to provide for us! I just think that those first few minutes are so crucial! I can set the tone for a positive or negative evening! That is what I love! I love that I can choose to have a positive attitude and I know that positive attitudes sure do rub off on people!
I think that my very favorite part of the article was when he quoted Pres. Hinckley: "A happy marriage is not so much a matter of romance as it is an anxious concern for comfort and well-being of one's companion" I used to get caught up in the romance of everything......I now am going to get caught up in an anxious concern for Dan's well being!
One last thing: Dates!!!!!! Dan and I sat the goal to go on at least two dates a month! I am excited about this goal. It will be so nice to get out of the house with Dan! After all, a babysitter is cheaper than a divorce (as quoted in the Ensign)!
Here is to a happy Year!


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