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Hi friends,

How are you today? Sophie and I have been enjoying a lovely inside day because it has been SNOWING! Well, this post is about things that we have in common with Sophie. Daniel and I decided that we wanted to compile this list so when Sophie feels sad about not looking like us, we can tell her all of the many other reasons why she belongs to us. Also, this kind of helps me too! One of the things about adopting is that you can't really say things like "she has my eyes, or my hair...or whatever" so this is a happy list for both us and Sophie.
1. Sophie and Dad have the same elbows (thanks for noticing that Zane)
2. Sophie and Dad has the very same ticklish spot on their bellies.
3. Sophie and Mom both really enjoy listening to Dad sing and play his instruments.
4. Sophie and Dad both enjoy singing and know how to tap things to the rhythm. (unfortunately, I was not born nor did I acquire that skill)
5. Sophie and Mom both enjoy dancing! Sophie is much better at it that mom:)
6. Sophie and Mom both love BLING!
7. Sophie and Mom both love reading.
8. Sophie and Dad both have a love for animals.
9. Sophie and Dad both enjoy swimming. (Mom enjoys it also, just not as much) Seriously guys, this girl is a swimmer, it has this calming effect on her. Whenever we go swimming, she is cool as a cucumber.
10. Sophie, mom and dad all enjoy laughing together!

How are your New Years resolutions coming along? I think I am doing pretty well. One of my goals was to put up a picture of a temple in every room. I have managed to that in every room except for the coming very soon:) the guest room...I still haven't decided what picture I am putting in there. And the guest bathroom......Do you think I need to put a picture of a temple in the guest bathroom? I haven't decided yet. Oh and I guess I dont have one in the pantry either:)

In other news, we have an official nick name for Sophie...Dan said it was pretty important for African American people to have a nick name so, after much thought my dad came up with.......scooter:) Sometimes, we call her scootie cootie or scoot. Anyway, the girl has perfected the scoot and has been scooting for the past month with no interest in crawling, so that became her official nick name. I am actually pretty happy with it. I had some horrible nick names growing up (Agnes and Gertrude to name a couple). What nick names have you had?

Also, have any of you watched Downton Abbey? I am really enjoying this show! It is on netflix and on the PBS website for those of you who have not seen it. What do you guys think about it? I am in love!

See ya latter!


  1. She looks like she is waving in the last pic! Hi Soph!! Cute post!

  2. Zane is pretty happy to have his note be #1. lol. She is such a lucky girl to have such INCREDIBLE parents like you guys. The fact that you are so aware of letting her know how loved she's so neat to see. Love you!

  3. It has been WAY too long since we've seen you; Sophie is all grown up! Look at that darling girl!

    I just love your "similarities" list, what a great idea!

    I never even had a chance to think about resolutions but I guess I better. ;)

    And I don't usually put "spiritual" pictures in the bathroom, just seems out of place I guess.

    I had the nickname "Saboo" when I was younger because my dad called Jeremy and I "Yogi Bear" and "Boo." Do you remember that show???


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