Valentines Day: A celebration of family love

This was the first Valentines Day that Dan and I celebrated with Sophie. It was by far the most fun! In years past, we usually just went out to eat at a restaurant and maybe gave each other a shirt or something they needed. This year, as with the other Holiday's that have happened since Sophie has been in our family, I have wanted to create lasting traditions for our family. Growing up, my parents didn't really do any fun family things on Valentines day and I really want to include our children in Holidays like V day and Anniversaries. I was reading one of my favorite blogs and she a lady guest post about her family Valentines Traditions. Anyway, I thought, wow! That sounds like fun! So I used some of her ideas and we now have traditions for Love Day. We started with writing little love letters to each other through the month.

We are going to keep this going and have another family love celebration on our Anniversary. We even wrote notes to and from Sophie. (I will put them in her scrap book:) On Valentines Day, I got balloons, candy, a bottle of Martinelle's, and a heart shaped pizza and went to work decorating the house. Oh, I have to say it was lovely! I really was floating on air the whole day! These are a few of the things Dan came home to!

By each of the candy dishes it says something like "you are the hot in my Tamale" Silly, I know but it was fun!
Also, Sophie and I got all dressed up in our fanciest dresses...Thanks so much to my talented sister Katie for doing my hair and makeup and for Jeff watching Sophie while Katie did said hair and makeup:) love you both!
Anyway, It was a beautiful celebration! We ate our heart pizza, read our notes, and danced the night away! I have heard some people pose the question "Why do we need a day set aside to buy things for our loved ones?" or "shouldn't we be showing each other love everyday?" My answer is this Yes, we should be showing love to our family everyday! Valentines Day to me is not about buying each other gifts, it is about CELEBRATING the love we have for each other! It is a day that we can do a little extra, make something a little more special! To express our love a little more than usual! To celebrate, love, laugh, dance, hug, kiss, and snuggle!
I hope you all had a lovely Valentines Day!


  1. You are so fun and creative. Hopefully one day I can be as creative and have as much gumption as you the way, that second to last pic of the post is such a good family picture! Love it. CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU GUYS!!

  2. Oh my gosh, your table is darling! You did such a fantastic job decorating and making the holiday fun.

    Things really are more special with kids and it makes you want to create/start traditions.

    And each of you in your fancy fun!


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