In seven years...

Yesterday Dan and I celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary! All I can say is time sure does fly when your having fun! We have had so many adventures! We have moved 8 times and 8 have had 8 cars. We have been to Disneyworld, Disneyland, and one cruise. We accomplished 2 bachelor degrees and 1 Masters degree. We grieved the death of a very special mother and grandfather. We survived kidney failure, 9 months of dialysis and a kidney transplant. We survived infertility and adoption paperwork! We bought a beautiful home which we love very much! And we adopted our very beautiful Sophie Anne! I am so grateful that I married a man who makes me laugh everyday and works so hard to provide for our family. A man who teaches about love, kindness and charity by example. A man who is patient and handsome and smart! Thank you hubby! love you! Here's to many many more anniversaries!


  1. That's an impressive seven years!

  2. Seriously love you guys! Happy Anniversary! (8 cars really!?)


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