A sensory post about Summer

This is a Post about Summer! The season of morning walks rolling into carefree afternoon spent running through the sprinklers and splashing in a baby pool, rolling into warm nights full of weenie roasts and friends laughing around a fire pit. The season of Freedom, laziness, family reunions, and naps on the grass. This is what summer.....
Looks like
Excited babies and feet in the sand
Bonding time with family in water
Naps in grandma's arms

Smells Like

I took this picture in the dark so please just imagine happy rays of sunshine shining on these happy roses...and oh they smell so good! It also smells like hotdogs and s'mores and sun screen and sunshine...I promise it really does have a smell! 

Feels Like

 Sand between hands and toes
a little goofy and silly and maybe crazy? And it feels like love...love for family, food and fun! Tani I missed you this weekend! 

Tastes Like

 It tastes a lot like it smells we mainly just need to add ...
Strawberries! Life is good when you have a bowl full of strawberries...
it is even better when you add cream!

Sounds Like

 Crickets chirping, a river rushing....
 Water splashing...
Fire cracking, family laughing! 

I hope that your summer is full of all this and much more! Love you guys! 


  1. Looks fun! We need to go on more walks!

  2. Yes Yes Yes! My favorite season ever!

  3. Oh that baby girl is so pretty. I need to call you, I am so sorry I never called back last month. Will you guys be in town over July 4th?? Love you guys!!!

  4. I just Love this post!! I wish I could have been there too! miss you cousin :(


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