this is what happens......

                                             When we let Sophie water the flowers

When we take Sophie to the mall.....after she runs through the halls
When cousins come to visit....

When we celebrate Peach Days........(we end up riding the carousel about 5 times)

When we take Sophie to any Mexican restaurant
And last but not least........this is what happens when we let our baby cook
and that is all! love you guys!


  1. She is so adorable. As they get bigger, so does their capacity for energy. Sometimes just watching them play can wear you out.

  2. Oh how I love seeing pictures of your cute family. Is she seriously drinking the salsa???? Now that is a girl with a true sense of taste!

  3. Holy Cow! You better teach that little woman how to work the broom after she cooks too! ha ha

    Oh gosh, I love love love that pink dress she's wearing at Peach are you so lucky to get a beautiful daughter like that!?

    What a big helper around the house. :)

  4. They're into everything at this age aren't they? I love the salsa picture! Haha!!

  5. Wow it's been a long time since the last time I saw her! Little kids have so much energy. It's a shame they don't share it with their moms.


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