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So, in an effort to become the best mom possible for Sophie, My BFF Kae told me about a book called "The Child Whisperer" which I totally recommend! It teaches parents how to best raise children to honor and encourage their true personality. I am trying to become a "child whisperer" and I have already seen improvements, mostly in my own mental health:) The book talks about honoring and valuing your child for their unique talents and gifts rather than trying to change them to fit what you want. I really feel like that has been the most powerful and difficult thing for me to learn. Sophie is a little fireball and has a huge personality with so much energy! Seriously, this girl runs circles around everyone...literally she loves to run in circles:) Sunday's have been especially difficult where she is expected sit still and quiet. I always received so much advice and a few dirty looks on while at church. I read so many articles about how to teach toddlers to sit still and I would only get frustrated when things were not working out. After reading the book, I realized that I don't have to change Sophie! She is so perfect exactly the way she is!!!!! You know what? Someday Sophie may learn to sit quietly for Sacrament....but right now she does not have to! She needs to run and play and explore! It is an actual need for her, like eating and breathing. From now on, we will go to church and just do our best! I am not going to stress when she gets up to run around and talk to people...we sit in the very back on the fold up chairs for that purpose. And if she needs to go outside and run around....that's fine! Some people are not going to agree with me on this one. Some people have given me the advice that I am the mother and I should be in control. I say that I am the mother and I am trying to do my very best to be the best mom for my child!
So, for those who are curious, Sophie is a Type 3 child. Very active, focused and adventurous, As soon as I read the characteristics of Type 3, I knew it described her through and through. She is a child who knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. She is brave and strong and beautiful and my job is to encourage her talents.
Anyway, I just kind of wanted to recommend the "child whisperer" book to you! Seriously, it has really helped me to know what Sophie needs and how I can help her best. THANKS KAE FOR SUCH A GREAT BOOK SUGGESTION!


  1. I think every child has different parents for a reason and you guys were meant to be Sophie's.

  2. Definitely need to try that book...Sophie sounds just like my Nathan!

  3. Perfect thoughts! Definitely my view on Parenting. I have very active children. I used to wonder why my children didn't sit on my lap and watch the world go by. Well that was not who they are. They run from the morning to the afternoon. Yes my big kids can now sit through Sacrament meeting (yes Jake was 5 when that happened) But I don't worry about others opinions with my little ones. and you know what... No one talks to me about it anymore because my big kids are so well behaved they have decided maybe it is OK for them to be.


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