A few of my favorite things!

Dear Friends,
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We sure did! We were surrounded by wonderful people that we love, delicious food, and fun activities every day! I especially enjoyed watching Sophie play and interact with her cousins Liam, Duncan and Owen. I just wanted to make a grand list of everything that I am loving right now:) In no specific order......
1. That it was a very white Christmas with lots of snow! It just makes it feel a little bit more like Christmas....don't you think? Sledding was a much loved activity:)

2 and 3.. Sophie's latest hair products. I know that this sounds kind of silly but they have made combing out her hair so much better....hardly no more tantrums! Also, I just love the way her curls look after I put in the hair pomade and they are all natural! It is called Kinky Kurly and I am so in love with them!And can I just talk about that cute vest she is wearing in this picture? She grabbed it off the wrack at Target and said "please mom?" and promptly put it on...when I tried to take it off her she cried "no on please mom!" So, I had to buy it! I think I may be getting myself into trouble with this girl because as soon as we got to the car I put it back on her and in mind I could not think of any other purchase that was better than that vest!

 4. My new chalk board wall....I just love that as I am cooking in my kitchen I can look up and see this pretty, happy chalk board wall! It really does make my heart so happy! I especially love Liam and Sophie's art work!

 5. This beautiful picture that Devin and Megan gave us for Christmas! It is a painting from a book called the Other Side and I just love the story behind it!

6. Bringing a "snow box" inside! The kids had so much fun. We brought in some kitchen utensils and hid a few things in it...the kids loved it! They also loved "bathtub paint" You just mix some food coloring with shaving cream and put it in muffin tins and then let the kids paint in the tub! And, it just washed off so easily! If you have a toddler you should try it!   Just look at them....
 So, this morning, Megan and I decided that we would do some fun activities with the kids rather than have them be bored and restless. It was such a great morning that it got me thinking about priorities. Now, the dishes are still in the sink, piling up higher and higher...but I honestly feel more connected and peaceful about my relationship with Sophie. It was such a smooth and happy and fun morning! My goal for 2013 is to not have a to do list....to always put Sophie and Dan first...and to always have fun!


  1. What fun activities you find for the kids! That's a really good resolution...I'm not sure I could do it. :)

    I love your chalkboard too.


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