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Dear Friends,
I know that this is kind of late, but I just wanted to talk about Valentines day and how much I love my little family. Usually, I get very excited about Valentines and we have a fun celebration. This year, a couple days before v-day I came down with a temp of 105.3! Crazy! Anyway, I was not feeling up to celebrating, or anything really...but I never felt more loved by Dan and Sophie. Those two are seriously the best! After taking my temp, and bringing me water, Dan left a sweet little card and chocolates for each of us in the morning. When he got home, he cleaned up a bunch of puke of the floor that I just couldn't take care of....then he changed the sheets on the bed, brought me chicken noodle soup and tended Sophie for the rest of the night while I slept. My mom had Sophie during the day. Anyway, After such a great day, I was surprised at how happy and full of love my heart felt. And you know what? Actions shine brighter than words! My sweet husband was just so kind and patient with me! In Sunday School today, we compared marriages to rose gardens, we put forth work and something beautiful grows...and that is exactly how I feel about marriage. I feel like we have pruned all the not so good parts and roses are blooming! It is so beautiful and brings so much joy! And you know what? We are still working on this marriage and I think that work makes it even more beautiful and joyful! I really the speech that Ben Afleck gave during the globes last week He talked about marriage marriage being hard work, but the best kind of work....and I couldn't agree more:)
In other news....Sophie is developing a very fashionable sense of style! The girl definitely has a mind of her own. This morning, she picked out her whole outfit including her hair accessories and even pointed to where she wanted each one.  She is great at talking and uses her new talking skills to boss everyone around. Including "sit down mom!" while she tries to run out of the chapel during Sacrament Meeting. She also loves to help out in the kitchen. Today, her and uncle Tim were making biscuits, she stuck her hand in the flour, rubbed it all over her face and then started chasing Aunt Katie and Uncle Paul around the house.
Hey, have you noticed that the rain has been melting the snow away? That makes me happy! Spring is just right around the corner!



  1. Glad you are feeling better. Thanks for the reminder about working hard to make marriage great. It's something we all need to do more of. Cute, cute Sophie!

  2. It is hard to be sick. I'm glad it helped you to see how much you are loved though! And what you said about marriage is so true. I love being married, and I want both of us to be happy, and to make each other happy! It's constant pruning and watering, but it is so beautiful when the flowers come!(And I am fully aware of how cheesy that sounds haha).

  3. This is Tani btw! I hate it when I forget to switch accounts! haha

  4. ha ha, what a funny girl. I'm so sorry to hear you were sick but wow--what a terrific husband you have!

    I agree with you, marriage is the best kind of work and it's something we have to work at every day for the rest of our lives.

    BTW: I was remembering that we had wanted to make super-fun plans with the kids and I apologize for not doing so. This pregnancy is really kicking my butt this time around but when things are "under control" at my house, I'll call you!


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