A very spontaneous spring break

this post is a few weeks late, but I just really wanted to record this memory because it is one of my very favorites!
the last thursday in april was the last day before spring break (i only had friday and monday off) anyway, work was pretty crazy partly because i was having MAJOR chocolate withdrawals! i texted Dan " I need to go on a date tomorrow!!!" he replied "how about a date to Disneyland?" I reply with "hahaha! your so funny!" he replies "no I am serious pack your bags" so that was at 2:30. by 3:30 I was out the door and at the mall with Kae, I would have gone home but Dan had a late appointment so I figured I might as well have our girls night:)
at 6:30 all our bags were in the car along with any snack food in the house and we went over to say good bye to my fam. when we told them where we were going Katie says "i wanna come!" so katie quickly packed her bags and off we were on a grand adventure! I would like it noted that at this moment when we were in the car spontaneously driving to sunny Cali and off to Disneyland, I felt so much love for my dear sweet husband who knows how to make me happy! Seriously, I think that my heart was just so full of happiness and joy and laughter that it couldn't be any fuller!
We were so so giddy and full of laughter until we hit provo at which point dan says" hey where should we sleep tonight?" then reality hit in! thank heavens for technology i was able to find and book a hotel all from my phone!
It was so so fun experiencing Disneyland with Sophie! She was so excited to meet Minnie and just ran right up to her and gave her a huge hug and kiss. When our picture was over she screamed "no! i want to eat lunch with Minnie!" I guess she figured that after waiting in line for 45 minutes she should be able to spend more than 45 seconds with her! She loved Minnie's house and playing in Toontown, meeting Goofy and especially the fireworks. She also loved the pool and hot tub at our hotel. there were some really nice teenagers who were kind enough to play with her for a little while and she thought she was pretty cool. She is such an entertainer, that little Sophie! She was talking up a storm and laughing right along with them. one day on the trip we were stopped at a gas station and Dan ran in really quick to use the restrooms and locked the door on his way in. Katie and I were able to get out before he locked it, but not Sophie. I went to her window and explained that Dad accidentally locked her in the car and he was going to be right back to get her out. She then took her shoe off (she didn't have any socks on) reached her big toe out to the lock and unlocked the door with her toe! Seriously! She obviously did not get her brains from me:) Oh, I just love her! Sunday we spent a lovely day with Devin and Megan and their two boys. it is so enjoyable watching the little kids interact with each other. at one point during the day Liam says to Sophie " Sophie I am strong and you are small, I will lift you above my head" Sophie replied with "no my mommy will do that!" Anyway, I am just so happy that they are forming such fun relationships at a young age! Cousins are the best! enough with the chatter here are some of our favorites........


Oh and don't mind katie and i sometimes we like to dress up like twinners when we go to public places....its fun you know!
love you guys!


  1. SPONTANEOUS! I love it! What a terrific husband you have.

    Happy Spring Break indeed!

  2. Wow, that's crazy, but looks like fun! That's impressive that Sophie was able to unlock the door herself!!! SMART girl! Miss you, Em.


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