April thus far

why do the months keep coming and going so quickly? some days go by so slowly and others seem to be over in the blink of my eye! oh, time!

I have a bunch of good news for you!
1. Daniel and I started the first phase of the adoption process for our next baby!!!! We had our initial interview with our caseworker on Wednesday and it just felt so good! We are not excited about the stack of paperwork that we need to complete before we can start all the next paperwork, but we are excited about expanding our family!!!speaking of expanding our family......

2. These two love birds got engaged! (actually a long time ago:) I am just so happy for them and so excited to have another sister! pretty soon the girls will outnumber the boys and I look forward to that day! Welcome to the fam Kayti! We are so excited to have you in our family:)

2. because of the aforementioned marriage....Dan, Sophie and I are going to get to visit some really awesome peeps this summer! My heart is just jumping for joy! We are going to see MY FAM who live in the MIDWEST! We are going to see MEG AND RILEY AND OWEN AND THEIR NEW HOUSE! As well as the mall of America, The MISSISSIPPI RIVER, and NASHVILLE! (Will everyone please PRAY that i run into BRAD PAISLEY while I am in Nashville? I just really really want to meet him and this one time I really wanted to meet ANNE BROWN and I ran into her at City Creek Mall and so now I am pretty positive that I will get to meet BRAD PAISLEY:)

3. only 4 MORE WEEKS OF SCHOOL!!!!! That's only 21 days people! I can do this!

4. Sophie seems to be potty training herself...her rewards have been lotion, fruit snacks and nemo swim diapers. oh and she gets to call someone special and tell them the news:)

5. ITS SPRING! It is pretty cool in the mornings and sunny in the afternoons! Tonight we went on a walk and Spring was in the air, it even smelled like spring! flowers were blooming, the sun was setting slowly, people were mowing their grass, families were playing their yards oh and i got to move my hammock outside!....pure joy!

7. All the laundry is done....at least for the next 3 hours:)

8. these cute flowers are growing up through my grass again...i just adore them!

9. Sophie's favorite words are "I do it!" This girl means it! When she wants something she does it herself. She will open the fridge door, open the fridge drawer of the food she wants, grab an apple, carrots, grapes, go-gurt or cheese stick, open it up and eat all before we realize she left the room.

10. Perry Ice is open! It is my favorite summertime treat and it just seriously makes me so happy!


  1. I LOVE springtime in Willard. It is truly the best. And I seriously love that your family will be growing again! :)

  2. Whoo hoo! Dang right you're coming to the Midwest! Holla!! I am so excited to see you guys! And I will pray for you while you're in Nashville that you will meet Brad Paisley! ;)haha I love him too. SO Happy for you to be starting the adoption process again! How exciting! And Sophie is one smart gal! I love what you've been giving as rewards. Brielle would never be motivated by lotion! haha She must be more girly than Brielle. :) Love you Emily!


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