Chocolate Withdrawals

OK, so my brothers convinced me to get fit with them (a story for another day). One of the ways I am trying to do better is counting calories (never ever in a million years did I think I was going to be that person!) Anyway, when I realized how many calories were in my favorite Ghiradelli's chocolate caramels, I decided to give them up. I didn't think it was going to be this torturous! Seriously!
Yesterday afternoon, I had a student have a complete meltdown in my classroom and all I could think was "if I get a piece of chocolate, then all my problems will go away!" I couldn't even handle the situation logically because all I could think about was getting some chocolate ASAP! Do I have a problem? YES! I even broke out in sweats and started stuttering....and I am not exaggerating the situation in the least bit! Also as I was walking down the hall, I must not have looked very good because another teacher said "Mrs. Furse, are you OK? You look horrible"
So, my friends, I am asking you....what solutions do you have? Should I just keep sweating it out for the next week or so till it gets out of my system? Are the symptoms ever going to go away? Do you have anything that tastes like chocolate caramel without the calories?



  1. ha ha you cutie! Kudos for you trying to get's tough but it's worth it.

    My advice (despite the serious cravings) is to stick with it. Whenever I stop eating sweets I crave it for about a week and then I just don't even think about it once my cravings go away.

    Love you much!

  2. Dark chocolate doesn't have as many calories :) I also find if you make sweet treats yourself they're generally better for you (as in not as sketchy of ingredients) and you don't eat them as frequently because of the effort it takes to make them.


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