maintaining vs. improving

Dear Friends,

About two months ago, my brother Tim who is getting married in a few weeks says to me "Kayti and I have resolved to get physically and spiritually fit for our wedding and since she lives so far away will you join me?" I couldn't say no. For many months I had been contemplating getting in shape and loosing weight and get healthy but I just told myself that right now is not the time...I was far too busy. I think that another part of me was a little scared of failure and another part didn't really want to admit that I was at that point. I had always been pretty fit in high school and it kind of went down hill from there. In the back of my mind I always thought, "I will get better when I am done having babies" hahaha! I guess I came to the conclusion that I am not going to be having any babies and I am not getting any younger so now was the time to get in shape! Plus, I had and excellent companion working with me! I was also exciting about getting in shape spiritually also. You know how sometimes scripture reading and thoughtful prayer get at the bottom of the list? Well, this had been me for far to long! The next morning I started waking up earlier to read in my scriptures and that afternoon Tim and I went for our first run. It was a mixture of excitement and a little disappointment. I think I had a little bit higher expectation for our time but we each sat goals to IMPROVE!
Since that first day, I have also started calorie counting and balancing my energythat I learned from this article and  can I just say my life has changed for the better? I believe that sometimes Heavenly Father sends a trial in our way to strengthen us or make us grow and I feel that sometimes, he gives a gentle push to help us do the work ourselves...I don't know if that makes sense to you:)
there have been lots of good weeks and some not so good. In my brain, I see this as maintaining vs. improving. Even when I am maintain, it takes work!
when I am maintaining, I realize that it is going to be a crazy week and my goal is just to maintain my weight and spiritual and emotional progression so that I don't loose the work I have already done.
I prioritize like never before to squeeze in as much exercise, healthy food and spiritual time as I can. And you know what? Heavenly Father makes up the difference! He really does. He knows our needs and wants the very best for us! Even when I am my busiest, if I just give a little bit, He gives oh, so much more! It has really been a testimony builder to me. And here is my small but firm testimony on the matter:as long as we are doing our very best work at progression, a kind and loving Heavenly Father will bless us and make up the difference!
I just want to say to anyone who is considering a change in their it! You can do it!
You will not regret it!


  1. Love this! This is totally what I need to be doing.

  2. Great job! You can and will do it! I'm proud of who you are and glad to be you Aunt! You inspire me! Love, Camille

  3. Amen, I so agree. Good for you for making positive changes in your life no matter how hard. It feels great to be active and really helps my attitude if I make time for scripture study and prayer.

    Love you and best wishes!!


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