Last Summer Hoorah to Disneyland

We just got back a couple of days ago from Disneyland! It was so much fun! I love the rides, the food, the music, the atmosphere! This time was my favorite because we were able to experience it with Sophie and her cousins Liam and Duncan....and their parents Devin and Megan. It was so great to watch them interact and get excited together on the rides! The weather was a little warm but we had pretty short lines and it was really a great week! Thanks so much Devin and Megan for putting it all together! Here are some of our favorite snapshots!

On our way to California, we felt the urge to stop at our favorite joint from our Springville days...La Casita:) The food was as delish as ever and we kept it hasn't changed at all in 6 years...they even had the same pictures on the wall and we recognized a couple of the waitresses. It was funny because as we walked in Sophie says "hey where's Sally?" Sally is the waitress of our new favorite Mexican joint Ricardo's.
 I love this picture of the boys carrying the two kiddos on their shoulders and the kids leaning in for a kiss...cousin love!
Sophie's favorite part? Meeting Jessie and Minnie! She keeps saying Jessie and Minnie are my BFF'S mom! Its so cute! She just ran right up to them and gave them a hug!

Cars Land is seriously amazing! Sophie was so thrilled to meet all her favorite characters from the Car's movies.

We had lovely, crisp weather today and I put pumpkin scents in my bath and body works plug in thingy....I'm ready for about you?
love you guys!


  1. What a blast! Fun fun vacation...I love Sophie's Minnie adorable is she going in for hugs? Not all kids would do that! ;)

    And you look AMAZING! So happy and beautiful.

  2. How fun!!! I can't wait until we can go with you guys one of these times!


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