a little love letter to Willard

Dear Friends,

Every so often I get this sudden urge to pack up all our belongings, search for jobs in NYC, and move my little family to the big apple...I have never even been to New York, I just sometimes yearn for the big city! Do you ever get that feeling? Well, I always look for apartment listings and realize that it would be nearly impossible for us to survive in the big city:) So, I plan a day in Salt Lake instead which kind of is the same thing, right?:)
In the end, I always feel grateful that we live here in Utah, surrounded by family and friends who love us and we love them! This morning, Paul and I went on a run in between conference sessions. The air was crisp and bright and the trees were bold and beautiful, starting to change into their fall colors. I got this overwhelming feeling that I was just where I needed to be! In Willard, Utah! I love that I can go running in the morning, noon or night and feel safe and usually see someone outside in their yard who gives me a friendly wave. I love my little running path that I run...through Bamberger road. In my younger years, my friends and I were always so intrigued with that little enchanted road that leads to Willard Bay. This one time, Amelia and I decided that we were going to ride our bikes to the Bay (which was a definite no, no) we asked Amelia's mom while she was in the shower and my mom while she was taking a nap and off we went on a grand adventure! Well, we were found and grounded for a few days and we never did that again. Then, I run on the opposite of Willard, where Amelia and I often explored the old farm land and once got attacked by dogs! Then I run right up behind Amelia's house where we were sure we discovered old Native American Hogan's! We were very upset when that land started to get turned into developments...Anyway, I love that I have so many happy memories that I can turn to when I go for a run!
I love this old house we live in, with it's tiny bedrooms that are chalk full of charm and so many happy memories! I love our old walnut trees in our front yard that are going to be holding tree houses soon! I love that we are surrounded by neighbors that we love and they love us! I love that my family lives just down the block from us and that Sophie knows who lives in all of the houses on our walk! I love the Mountains in our back yard! I love the sunrises and sunsets!
I love that I get to teach my friend's children! I really do feel like a put a little bit more love  into it, knowing that these are children that I know!
I love that I can go for a shopping trip to Brigham City and inevitably I run into someone I know and we strike up a conversation. I love that I can go into the bank and they know my name and that Sophie is going to be demanding a sucker! They know that we are saving for our next adoption and are so positive and encouraging to us!
I love that life seems to move a little slower here, with it's fruit orchards and farms. I love that people stop to see how your doing and see if there is anything they can do. I love Peach Day's where I always eat at least 5 peaches a day late August through September! I love the corn mazes, and Maddox and even out cheap movie theatre!
I love that it just feels like home here, with so much happiness and kindness!
Maybe someday it will be the right time for Dan and I to move and go on a grand adventure, but for now I will take my little town of Willard over any big city!


  1. Willard is nice isn't it! I love that you work so close and we have such a great neighbor!

  2. Hello! This is going to sound really weird, but I am also called Emily Furse (I'm sending this from my partner's account as I've never blogged before) and I keep receiving emails asking you to return your library books to the bookmobile. I keep responding to them that I am the wrong Emily Furse and that in fact I am the Emily Furse of Cambridgeshire, UK, but they keep on emailing me. Since we're practically related, please return the books before I get sent to the Box Elder County jail :)


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