Christmas Festivities!

Oh Christmas! I just really love Christmas time and all the traditions and fun things to do surrounding Christmas! Having  a toddler around Christmas is seriously the very best!

Sophie loved the tree! Every morning she would wake up and run to the tree and ask if it is Christmas yet! Then she would carefully look through the presents to see if she had any new presents I was really surprised this year because she did not open any presents early, and I had mos of our presents wrapped and under our tree at thanksgiving!

 We had an ugly sweater party! If you ever want a party that guarantees lots of fun and laughter then have an ugly sweater party...especially one where you leave the kiddos at home! You cant help but laugh when you look at people in their silly sweaters:) We just feel so lucky to have such funny and kind friends!

Ok, so I know this picture is super blurry and it doesn't really have anything to do with Christmas related, but it is one of my favorites! My friend Kae  moved far far away and we try to get together at least once a week. One day we decided to take the girls to the DI and to Savers to find ugly sweaters for before mentioned party. It was kind of a duesy of a day with the girls running around, then we decided to take them to Krispy Kreme doughnuts for a free doughnut cause the hot light was on. We some how ended up with about a dozen doughnouts any possibly ate all of them? The girls were running around like hooligans and all we could do was laugh at the amount of doughnuts that we definitely did not order. I love this picture! All hail the doughnut! especially hot doughnuts!

And Christmas just cannot be without seeing the lights at temple square!
We also went to see the downtown Ogden Christmas Village with my siblings and had a blast! Sophie happens to love the snow as much as I love the sun so she was happy as a clam...:) 
Sophie had to write a note to Santa every time we went to the Treehouse Museum in Ogden "please bring me a toaster and a sister, thank you!" Well, she go the toaster and we are working on the sister:) 
Speaking of Santa, Sophie was excited to get a surprise visit from him at our house! Santa found out a sad story and kindly cam to visit her! The Tree house Museum has a night when the kids can come meet Santa and we may have been getting her excited for his visit for a couple weeks. When the night came, Sophie and I ran errands before heading over to the museum and she needed to potty but was refusing to go anywhere besides the museum becuase they have little kid potties. So we get to the museum and started rushing for the potties explaining to the lady at the desk that we have an emergency and will be right back to check in...the lady refused to let us pass and Sophie wet her sad! I was pretty upset at the lady and Sophie was just upset in general and extremely wet so we went home:( Anyway, Santa came to our house which is even better than the Treehouse! 
For weeks Sophie begged me to make gingerbread men cookies and Christmas Eve her wish came true she loved decorating hers and named him Gingy and refused to eat him:)
And this my friends is the only picture I took on Christmas Day! This is Sophie wearing a jacket that she opened up and the very first thing she said was "i love it! I am going to wear it on my date with Flynn Ryder!" A couple days after Christmas, Dan's family came from California and it was a non stop partay! We took the kids the Jungle Jim's Playground, the Discovery Museum (Sophie finally got to get in the Wind Tunnel that she had been begging to do for months...the strongest wind got up to 76 mph) and the Front Runner Train all in one day!

We rang in the new year in Style!
We had such a fun Christmas that I am hoping to bring in some of the elements of Christmas throughout the year. Remembering Jesus, making cookies, and activities with adults without kids are just a few that I want to take time to do!
I hope that your Christmas was magical and that you had lots of fun, laughter and love!


  1. So sorry your BFF moved far away; CANNOT believe you ate that many donuts! Ha ha, what fun memories you made.

    I love Sophie's dress in the picture with the gingerbread man. Tough stuff having her wet her pants at the museum...I've found out that there aren't a whole lot of empathetic people/stores when it comes to little kids and the potty!

    Glad Santa found her though. Why the toaster!? ha ha. Can't wait to see her sister..hope it works out. :)

    Looks like your Christmas was super special; wish we could have come to the Ugly Sweater Party!

  2. I love the Christmas season. So much fun packed into one month! I love to hear all of these stories about your little Sophie. She seems like such a fun kid. Wish I could meet her.


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