New Years Resolutions!

So, I have a love hate relationship with January! I hate January because winter is over and therefore I am ready for Spring to come and the snow to go away! The weather is so gloomy and it is very rare that I have a 3 day weekend in January. I love January because I love the newness, the fresh start, the excitement of what is going to come that year! Every year I set a bazzilion goals and rarely make it through the first two this year I have decided to do something a little different. First, I am starting my (healthy) goals a little later than usual due to lack of sleep:) and because mentally I cannot start a goal half way through week:) second, Dan and I have chosen kind of theme that we want to follow for the year, it is: Be happy, healthy, kind and Unplug! I am going to get it in some vinal lettering and hang it in our house:)
Be happy: I feel like some days when Dan gets home, it is kind of a stressful time. He gets home around 630 or 7 most nights and we start Sophies bedtime routine around 730, so it is a mad rush to get dinner eaten, cleaned up, books read, teeth brushed, and yada, yada that we just forget to talk and be happy! I want our children to remember a happy childhood!

Be healthy: Oh man! This is such a hard one for us! We love candy! We love chocolate! We love chips! All things that I want to purge from our house! I have done it before and need to do it again! I don't know if you guys know this but from Spring to summer, I lost 22 pounds!!!!! That is a lot! Then Thanksgiving came. Oh boy, there were all sorts of treats in the faculty room and I just knew that I would hate myself and binge on something if I deprived myself. So then I was like, well if I'm eating this crap for Breakfast, I might as well eat chips for lunch and by this time I had already ate about 3,000 calories and there is no way I can burn that many calories doing T25 so why do it? So yeah, I havent exercized in forever and i have been eating crap! So, I gained about 8-10 pounds which my friend Kae says is just my baby weight since we have started the adoption process:) I need to loose it! Also, Dan has some wieght to loose and I want Sophie to have a healthier, more rounded diet so here is to use eating healthy in 2014!

Be kind: I could go on and on about this one, but I am only going to say this: I want to have a kind home where we talk in kind tones and say kind things to one another!

unplug!: It has been all over facebook, this need that everyone has to stop being on our cell phones and start living in the here and now! I only got my cell phone a few months ago and I swear sometimes I am addicted to that thing! My goal is to put the phone away and only use it when Sophie is not in the room! I want to be with her! So, I am only going to get on my phone in the morning before she wakes up, during her nap time and after she is in bed...please pray for me!:)

Do you make resoltions? what are they?

love you!


  1. Great resolutions! And well done on losing all that looked great in the last picture I saw of you.

    I feel like everyone needs that "unplug" resolution, I'm seriously starting to hate technology because everyone is so addicted to it.

    And yes on being kind--we had a FHE last year that talked about Mommy having a "happy home" because I was so tired of yelling and fighting and feeling like there was no reason to smile and be happy.

    I'm working on my resolution...putting it into words. I'll share soon!


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