spread a little kindness

Today I attended the funeral of a very good friend. I was very inspired by the words spoken. One person said that she had never heard her say a mean word or unkind remark about someone. That she was a bright star, always striving to be kind, good and Christ-like. She was loved by everyone who knew her. Her kids and grandkids spoke about how she always had time for them and made them all feel so special by the little things she did.
I pondered on my own life....I know that I have not always been kind and that mean words have came out of my mouth. I cannot change the past but I can change the future! I am going to strive to be more like my friend Kris. I want my home to be a safe haven where my family can come and feel loved and special and know that mean things are not allowed! I want my family and friends to feel like I always have time for them. I want to be someone who is positive and doesn't complain, and is kind!!!!


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