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I have been reading a lot of controversy on facebook in regards to the movie, Frozen. Usually I do not like to get involved with controversial things, but today I feel strongly about what I got from Frozen and the many beautiful messages I believe it holds. I have seen this movie at least 5 times now and I loved it every time I saw it!

I would like to start with Elsa. I love that Elsa is a strong female leader! I see Sophie so much in Elsa... Elsa's parents squashed her power and talents, taught her to conceal, and not be true. For many years, she was not free to be her powerful self! I never want Sophie to feel squashed or that she has to hide her talents. I want her to know that she is powerful and has amazing talents! I want her to use her influence and energy for good! I want her to feel....feel the love she has for others and the love other people have for her. I feel confident that if I teach her to be confident she will use her confidence and influence for good!

When I hear and sing the words to the song "Let It Go", I am reminded that in order for me to be my best, most powerful self, I need to "let go" of my sins, my insecurities and my judgements of others and trust in Heavenly Father's plan for me!

When I think of sweet Anna, I hope that I can have the same courage as her, to give my life to my husband, sister, daughter, and/or friend! Sure, she is impulsive (just like me!), but I love that she learned from her mistake (getting engaged before getting to know Hans)  and was humble enough to try for love again in Christof!

When I think about the song "Fixer Upper" I realize that everyone is hurting, even though I don't know about it, or can't see it, it's there! I need to be mindful of others and always have a kind heart and smile for others! my favorite line from that song is "true love brings out the best!" Isn't it Christ's love that brings out our best? 

When I think of Olaf, I hope that I can be the same type of friend...offering a listening ear, friendly advice, and perhaps a joke or two! Am I willing to melt for the ones I love?

"Beware the Frozen Heart" in the opening song "Frozen Heart" is a great reminder that we should always have an open heart to the people we love!

In conclusion, I feel that when you view, read, or listen to great art (like Frozen) then you will take what you want and need out of it! People can find the good, the bad or the ugly in just about everything so lets always try our best to find the good!
Much love,


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