A few of my favorite things:

Oh man, the last three weeks have been chuck full of so much joy! Lots of challenges, but lots and lots of joy! I just feel so lucky to have Sophie and Eli in our family! I wanted to document a few if my favorites from the last three weeks so that I can always remember them! In no particular order:

*the way that Sophie says "Eli you have one kiss coming your way!" And then she always proceeds to smother him in a bazilion kisses....

*the way that Eli loves to be tightly swaddled into a tight burrito...I love that if he is starting to get frustrated, I wrap him tighter in his burrito and hold him close to me and most of the time he stops crying:)

*I love that Sophie took two naps today! Both times in one arm while Eli was snuggled in the other...that is a life of bliss I am telling you!

* I love that last weekend and this weekend was full if relaxing and lots of visits from family!
That is what weekends are supposed to be. Yesterday I was supposed to go to a bridal shower but just as I was headed out the door. I took one look at who I was going to leave behind and I couldn't do it!

*i love that my sweet husband will help with night duty and also let me sleep in on the weekends... He watches the kiddos while I snooze and it is oh so needed and appreciated!

* I love that Dan took Sophie to church today so that I could stay home and have some one on one time with Eli...our time  alone is few and far between so it was super nice to snuggle without Sophie "smothering" him the whole time!

* I love that we have all decided to comit to a healthier lifestyle! We are limited screen time to about 20 minutes a day at most! We are trying to not eat any sugars and we are being very selective iof carbs and prossesed foods.. This has been something I have been wanting to do for awhile but you know...I'm just glad to start now! We are also doing some sort of family exercise everyday....usually it is a walk /run to the park and then play on the playground...it is good to be active with our families!

*I love that Sophie calls Eli her buddy! It is seriously the sweetest!

*i love that everyone in the whole house gets super excited when Eli poops! Sophie always shouts " good job buddy! I knew you could do it!" Like she us the proudest sister in the whole world!

* I just love the feeling of a new baby in the house! I'm pretty sure this is what heaven is going to like! There is rarely a disagreement, and everyone is always so willing to help where they are needed! Even Sophie will say "I will make Eli a bottle mom!" Whenever she thinks he is hungry

There are loads more things but I am needed elsewhere so I may continue this post another day!

Much  love ,

Pd : if you have any yard sale items, you would like to donate, please let me know! Thanks!


  1. I LOVE this, Em. When times are hard, you can look back on this list and you won't be able to not smile. So good to keep things in perspective and to focus on the good. Thank you for sharing.


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