a few interviews...

i thought that it would be fun to do an interview with Sophie and while I was asking her questions, Dan joined in so for your entertainment but mostly for preserving memories here are the questions:

1. how old are you? Sophie: 3 Dan: you know the answer to that

2. what is your favorite thing about preschool (or your job for Dan) Sophie: painting and my friend Evan. Dan: visiting elderly people in their homes and helping them overcome their problems.

3. what thing are you very best at? Sophie: drinking hot chocolate.    Dan: playing board games

4. if you could change your name what would it be?  Sophie: D'Ante        Dan : Art Vandalay

5. what is your favorite color? Sophie: purple   Dan: black or blue

6. what is your favorite toy? Sophie: playing princesses and my ninja turtles      Dan: legos

7. what do you want to be when you grow up?  Sophie: pierce peoples ears     Dan: banker or architect

8. what do you like to take to bed? Sophie: My teddy bear       Dan: my wife 

9. what is your favorite book? Sophie: Disney's Scary Stories      Dan: hobbit

10. what is your favorite season? Sophie: snowy and karate        Dan: fall

11. what is your favorite food? Sophie: mac and noodles (mac and cheese)   Dan: thanksgiving dinner

12. what is your favorite animal?    Sophie: a cheetah because they can almost run as fast as me
dan: a panda because they are so loyal

13. what is your favorite sport? Sophie: basketball    Dan: i hate sports

14. who are your best friends? Sophie: Evan and LoLa but she is really small i much bigger than her 
dan: my wife

15. what is your favorite Holiday? Sophie: Halloween and my birthday    Dan: thanksgiving

16. what is your favorite thing to do? put stickers on my pumpkin    Dan: my favorite thing this year has been adopting Eli


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