on resolutions

I have been want to write on this little blog for awhile now but it seems like whenever I sit down to type one of my cute babes need something so here we are.
we had the lovliest Christmas...chuck full of lots of family! We had Meg and Riley and Owen from Kentucky and my Tim and Kayti and little CJ were here for like 9 whole days! Sophie keeps saying "and baby CJ loves everyone in the whole world!" and we had my grandma and family from Iowa come visit and then we went to California to visit Devin and Megan and their squishy new baby! holding a brand new baby made me realize how freaking fast 9 months goes and just how quickly they change! they go from being so needy and helpless and snugly to movers and shakers in the blink of an eye! Sophie got to play with cousins she hardly sees and it was so fun watching them interact!
soooo new year resolutions! always a struggle! I used to make all these goals in all these different areas of my life pretty much becuase i thought i had to. then i would try so hard and never be able to attain them because i am so inconsistent! seriously though my middle name should be inconsistant:)
i cant even remember the goals i made last year:( there are always so many areas of my life that i want to improve but setting year long goals is just silly for me...i really look up to people who can do things for a whole year!
i have decided that this year my main problem areas are as follows:
1. i need to PRIORITIZE more! my little family needs to be my main dish and then everything else are
just side dishes:) i always have all these ideas of fun things to do and then i am rushing around ogden or salt lake or brigham city with two kids in tow and no real plan....where if i just prioritize we could have more meaningful afternoons and days!
2. sometimes i think that i am done learning??? i don't know why i think that but this year i am going to put more emphasis on learning!
 learning how to be a better mother one disagreement at a time.
learning how to be a better wife, one date at a time (hoping we have a lot more dates this year than last!!!) learning how to be a better teacher, one observation at a time:)
learning to find beauty among the ugly!
learning how to enjoy the moment rather than always waiting for a better day ahead....this one is kind of tricky for me! I find myself often saying things like "i cant wait for Eli to be eating solid food" or "i am so excited for when Sophie can do chores for me" or " i am really looking forward to spring" pretty much i waste most of winter hoping for spring and then most of spring hoping for summer and then summer always goes by in a whirlwind then when fall comes i am always saying "i hope this fall is a long one!" and then back again to winter! well! I am going to learn how to enjoy winter! and i don't mean just winter the season...i mean all the winter like times in my life. i am going to try so hard to not rush things and just live in the moment. all the while remembering that my focus is on learning and people who are just learning how to do things are not always perfect...its all part of the progress!
much love,
 ps: here is a preview of our Christmas card...ive been prioritizing and haven't got them sent out yet...maybe for valentines day?:)


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