On Letting Go, Halloween, and Perfect Moments

Hello Friends,

How are you? Are any of you feeling a little tense lately? This election season has been a bit crazy! What have you been doing to reduce stress? Have you been able to let go of stress? Even when it isn't the election season, we should be finding positive ways to get rid of stress and negative energy.
I have been doing a few things.

October and November brought such beautiful weather and colorful leaves. In the afternoons, the kids and I often enjoy jumping on our trampoline which is under one of our walnut trees. One of my favorite things to do is lay on the trampoline while the kids are running around me, throwing leaves at each other and laughing. I like to lay there and just think about things. There are a lot of things to think about, you know. One afternoon, as leaves were falling on my face, I thought, I can be like this walnut tree and let go of my "leaves". Leaves could mean negativity, bad habits, stress. I realized that I have some habits I would  like to change. The main one being time spent on my phone. I have been more conscientious about my interactions with other people and putting my phone away while I'm playing with the kids and talking to Dan after the kids are asleep.

When I start to feel stressed or tense or negative energy, I just visualize the trees letting go of their leaves and I imagine my stress, and negativity floating away. Have you ever noticed that after the leaves fall, new leaves do not grow back until the Spring. We need time to get rid of the bad habits before new ones can grow. Oftentimes, I forget about this and try to start too many things. This Fall, I am getting rid of bad habits and waiting until winter or maybe spring to start good ones.

I have also been enjoying afternoon runs with my great friend, Shannon. I really love this time to be out in nature! The weather has been perfect running weather and the colors are so bright and bold. Shannon and I see eye to eye on a lot of issues and it is so refreshing to discuss things with her.

I hear many people say all the time "you cannot give from an empty cup". I believe this! It is so important that we take time to do the things that we enjoy so that we can give back to the people we love. One way that I fill my cup is having a girl's night with my bff, Kae. Oh, how I need this time with her. I look forward to our time together so much! We eat without having to feed anyone else, walk around Target, laugh, cry and discuss important issues. I am a firm believer that all women should have a best friend, other than their husband.

Anyway, I got a little bit off track. Those are a few of the ways I have been "letting go"!

Our Young Women's lesson on Sunday was about gratitude. I really love the month of November to take time to express our gratitude. Our teacher asked us all to think about a "perfect moment" we had throughout the week. Immediately, a perfect moment came to mind. I wanted to type it out so I can remember it when I read over this post:) We attended a wedding reception last week and they had a dance party. Sophie and Eli quickly ran to the dance floor and started dancing. The group made a circle and the two of them went in the middle and started showing off their best moves. I sat on a chair and just watched. I didn't even think about grabbing my phone to take a video, I just enjoyed their energy. Eli was doing the worm and Sophie was break dancing and clapping. It was such a happy moment that I want to remember always. After the song was over Eli ran over to me and said "Mom! I danced in the middle and I did the worm"! After the dancing, the bride threw her bouquet. Next, Sophie came over and exclaimed "mom! The bride threw her bouquet and a bunch of the flowers flew out so I let the teenager catch the main one and I picked up all the little ones off the ground! I'm so excited!

Lastly, Halloween was such a lovely day! The kids had so much fun!

I hope you all enjoy the rest of Fall! Remember to be grateful for the small and simple things, because they are what bring us the most happiness!


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