I have been trying my best to do the #lighttheworld service projects that the LDS church has challenged us to do for the month of December.
Today we are supposed to teach someone about Christ. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to speak about Jesus in Sacrament and I wanted to share a portion of my talk here on this blog.

A few years ago, before we adopted Sophie, Dan and I were supposed to be living the "dream."
I had a great job teaching first grade with my best friend, Dan had a brand new kidney and was finally healthy! We had a beautiful home that I loved so so much! We were both done with school so we had so much free time! We enjoyed lots of dates and I enjoyed lots of girl's nights with friends. I should have been so happy, but instead I was walking around in an almost constant state of sadness. Infertility treatments were not going well for us and all I could think about was having a baby. Every time another friend announced a pregnancy, my soul was crushed! I wish I could say that I am exaggerating here, but I am not.
One night, I grudgingly went to relief Society and this Mormon Message on my plate.

I know that I was meant to receive this Mormon Message (they were randomly set out on each seat)
A light bulb went off! I could feel that a change was coming.
Right when I got home, I went straight upstairs to pray. I realized that I had been saying all the wrong prayers!
I had been praying for a Miracle, a baby! What I was failing to realize is the greatest Miracle Baby of all had already been born. My Savior, Jesus Christ.  I was 25 years old and that was the first night that I knew the full potential of the Atonement. I imagined the Light of Christ filling up all the dark places in my heart with happiness and joy!
Do I still experience sadness??? Yes! I do! There is so much sadness in this world, but I do not allow myself to wallow in it! Instead, I allow Christ into my heart so I can be happy!
Please, if you are feeling sad, let the Light of Christ into your heart this Christmas season!


  1. You are such a sweet, wonderful woman with an abundance of joy to share with others Emily! I'm so grateful to know you and was full of happiness when I knew you were adopting a little girl and that you would become a mother!

    Thank you for sharing your testimony and for sharing the light of our Savior all around.

    The Lord's plan never seems to be what we plan for ourselves is it? And yet, as we exercise faith in Him and TRUST....we become more the person he wants us to become.

    Love you!


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