truth bomb: saying goodbye to summer and anxiety

Hi Friends!

On facebook last week, I did a video of some mom brags and some wonderful women shared theirs as I feel the need to share a truth bomb! be thinking of your truth bomb and share in the comments! Here is mine!

Honestly, I typically don't have a lot of anxiety but every time this commercial comes on, I get all anxious and sweaty... 

Dan doesn't get it...some of you might not get it. It causes me stress because basically I only have 18 summers with my kids until they move out and start doing their own things with their summer! And I have already used up 7 of Sophie's and 4 of Eli's. I have 11 left with Soph and 14 with Eli. You guys! I can't even with that! I am stressing out as I am typing this!

I feel like people either love summer or hate it.....what category do you fall in? I for sure with out a doubt love summer! I live for summer! Summer is the reason I became a I can have fun with my kids all summer! I had to go back to work yesterday. I love my job! I love being a first grade teacher! I love where I work! I love the people I work with! I love teaching part time! I just have to keep telling my brain that summer is not the only time we have fun! Fun things happen all year round.

August is just crazy! Like I feel as busy and tired as I do in December without all the Christmas Spirit! I probably spend as much money in August as I do in December as well! Teacher trainings, getting school stuff for the kids, trying to soak up all the fun is really stressing me out!

Plus! The other thing that has been causing me anxiety is extra-curricular activities. I don't like that they are taking up our evening family time. And we only have two kids who are only in one activity each. It just feels like all these things are trying to take over our family. Also, have I ever mentioned how hard it is for me to be at a certain place on time each week??? Anxiety!!!

To wrap things up today....I am going to keep telling myself
"Fun things happen all year!"
"I can be on time to places!"
"I can make and keep commitments"
"I am privileged to be able to enroll my kids in extra-curricular activities"
"My kids and their activities don't drain me!"
"I love to watch my kids excel in their passions!"
"I can be on time!"
"Fall is fun!"
"So is winter! And Spring!"
"I can be on time! To all the places!"
"I will be on time!"
"My kids and their extra-curricula activities don't drain me!"
" fun things happen all year!"
"I will be on time!"

I realize some of these are repeats! It is important to repeat the ones that might be harder for you!

What affirmations are you telling yourself these days??
Lets her your truth bomb!



  1. I definitely have to tell myself that fun things happen all year long :)


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