things I have stopped doing that make me a happier woman

1. Pinterest: I deleted the app off my phone. I only get on pinterest to look for a recipe. This is the thing. As a mom, teacher and woman, there is just too much temptation for comparison on that website/app. There is always a cuter way I could do something in my classroom, a trendier way for me to dress, and healthier/more beautiful meals that I can prepare for my family. I found myself scrolling through wishing I had time to do this, spending way too much time on that. Wishing I had more money for all the beautiful clothes. Do I still see other moms/teachers/women doing better things than me? Yes! Yes I do! But, more than likely, they are women I know! I can celebrate the wonderful things they are doing!

2. Wearing mascara: I cannot tell you how much joy this has added to my life. I recently wore mascara for back to school night and I remembered why I don't wear it. I'm going to be honest with you here, I don't always wash my face at night and if I'm not wearing mascara, then I can just add some eyebrows on and call it good. :)

3. Mom guilt: I am going to keep this short. I refuse to feel guilty for doing my best each day. Just because I don't do something someone thinks I should be doing, doesn't change that. Us women need to learn to shed the feeling of guilt so we can feel happiness and freedom.

4. Doing extra work at home or school that wasn't needed: Teacher friends will totally get this one. We can spend so many extra hours making things look "pinterest worthy" What it boils down to is none of that is going to make me a better teacher. For example, I could spend 5 hours making my centers look super cute. Or, I could spend 20 minutes and the kids are going to be doing the exact same thing in both scenarios. I have had to learn to prioritize and only doing things that are important so that I can be a good teacher and a good mom. As far as extra work at are a few things I have quit doing that save time: Not pairing socks, not actually folding clothes, having all the toys upstairs so that toys are not all over the downstairs.

5. Gourmet meals every day: 80% of the time I cook meals in a crock pot or a one pot meal. I try to make doubles of recipes so that I can freeze a meal and just heat it up on busy days.

6. People who don't love me or my family: This is so hard. I know. But this is the thing, we cannot give energy to people who do not love us. There are people who aren't going to like us. What I like to think about is all the people who do love me! I have a wonderful group of family and friends who fiercely love my family and those are the people I want to spend my time and energy on!

7.Jeans (or any pants with a zipper and button) or anything uncomfortable. I always try clothes on before I buy them. I have been paying attention to how clothes feel on body. If my first feeling isn't happiness, I just don't buy it. When I wear a new outfit, at the end of the day, if I am feeling uncomfortable or itchy, I make a note of it and then give it another chance, if I don't like it again, I either give it away or send it to D.I. Women, we do not have time to be in clothes that aren't comfortable to us!

What have you stopped doing that makes you happier???



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