Endless rose petals on our head

"The God, who is greater than God, has only one thing on Her mind, and that is to drop, endlessly, rose petals on our heads. Behold the One who can't take His eyes off of you. Marinate in the vastness of that."
                                                                                                   --Gregory Boyle Tattoos On The heart

At church a few weeks ago, we were discussing Heavenly Father's love for us. We were discussing the above quote when someone commented "make sure you are holding your umbrella upside down so you can catch the rose petals." (A quick google search brought up these images)

Image result for upside down umbrella catching rose petalsRelated image

I have been thinking about this a lot lately. So often we block the love that our Heavenly Parent's want to shower us with. We have our umbrella turned the wrong way so we deflect it, our vision is a bit skewed under the umbrella that we can't see it. 

In my first grade class, I hand out little "fuzzies" to students who are on task, and then on Friday's they can turn them in for small rewards. I had just handed a student a fuzzy when the kid sitting next to him says "But what about me???!!! I'm sitting on my pockets too!!!" believe me, this is not the first time this has happened. Almost daily, I get a "can I have a fuzzy too?" I have two different thought processes on this: 

1. my first instinct is to hoard all the fuzzies and only give them to kids who never ask and who are always on task, and who never bug me:) Then I realized that it doesn't hurt me in anyway to give them a fuzzy. The more fuzzies they get, the more prizes they earn and the more they want to do better. I can shower fuzzies on them, giving them praise and love and confidence as I do so:) 

2. my second thought is....how often am I like the kid saying " but what about me?? where is my love? my blessings?" All I need to do is flip my umbrella upside down and realize that He is showering rose petals on my face! Family, friends, sunshine, personal revelation that the choices I am making are important and even though they are hard, they are the right ones for our family. The little moments when I feel peaceful and loved. Moments that I know my potential and can see my path. 

Take a minute and marinate in the vastness of loving Heavenly Parents showering rose petals on head. 

With Love, 


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